The future of IT is green and circular

For a sustainable future of our planet, it is important that we encourage the trade-in and reuse of IT equipment.

We do this by creating the highest residual value of used devices, making your company compliant with ESG laws and regulations and helping you get started with circular IT. All supported by a user-friendly portal.

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UNIQUE and TRANSPARENT Business model

Optimize residual value

Circlewise is not a broker, we do not buy up used equipment only to resell it at a profit. We are on your side, selling for you and creating the highest possible residual value for you. How

Very simple: after data removal, technical testing and cosmetic assessment, we sell your equipment in most cases directly to end users in Europe. Fewer links results in at least 30% higher residual value.

Discover your residual value
portal with reports on co2 savings

Stay compliant

Sustainability reporting requirements are increasing. Also for IT. The Co2 registration requirement has been in effect since 2024.

Working with Circlewise means certified and professional reporting on the process of data removal and sale, recycling or destruction of your used devices through our Weelabex partners.

Our business model and process is very transparent. Our portal makes it easy for you to view or download all necessary data wipe and destruction certificates. It shows insight into CO2 savings through the redeployment of your used devices.

ESG reporting for IT
Remanufactured and refurbished for business

Start with circular IT

Times are changing. Not too long ago, "revamping your IT environment" meant buying completely new equipment; today, you can even purchase used and remanufactured devices in an As-a-Service model.

With our As-a-Service model, you're guaranteed 36 months of extensively tested and reliable laptops, all of which have identical specifications. We understand the business requirements for standardization and full support and warranty like no other.

The move to sustainable IT
Circular LAPTOPS

Make real impact

of traded-in laptops
are reused.
Liter of water is saved per laptop reused.
Co2 saved by not buying a new laptop
Get in touch

Our expert value creators will take you through

Our specialists realize the highest residual value for you and immediately advise on the route to fully circular IT. They all come from the business world and know the challenges of IT management and operations. Sustainable IT is not only the future, it is also cost efficient.

lived up to our claims

We promise quite a bit. But we also make it happen.

Our clients are our ambassadors. Whether they are commercial companies, public sector clients or NGOs. So we ask them if they are satisfied, after every assignment. Our quality policy is driven by transparency in business model and process, consistent quality of our services and an inclusive work environment, atmosphere and culture. We believe in a more sustainable future.

"Compliant with EU laws and regulations."

More and more investors are choosing companies with a clear sustainability strategy.

Circlewise offers those companies a transparent trade-in and data wiping process that is compliant with the latest EU laws and regulations.

Gerbert Moss
Managing Partner FectFinder

"The only true transparent services provider "

Circlewise is the only services provider that can offer consitent data wiping for all european offices.

We rely on their expertise for trade in and selling our devices for the highest price.

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Roberto Abrahamson

"Sustainability is our driving force."

Remanufactured should really be the standard. After all, the mountain of E-waste is getting bigger and bigger.

The RAAS subscription model contributes to a sustainable IT environment and we can fully focus on providing a roof to people who need it.

Jennifer Lemke
Director of Habitat for Humanity Netherlands