Circlewise trade-in: a new transparent business model

Discover your residual value

Used devices such as cell phones and laptops are worth more than you think!
In addition, you give these used devices a second life and contribute directly to a sustainable future.

We ensure that you stay compliant through certified data disposal based on ADISA standards or safe disposal of non-repairable devices.

We work for you to create the highest possible value for cell phones, tablets and laptops. That value is for you and you alone.

Discover your residual value today

Our transparent model

Our business model consists of a fixed fee for services such as data removal and assessment + a fixed percentage of the realized sales price. Your return is therefore on average 30% higher than with a broker!

And the more value we manage to realize for you, the higher our payout (and our invoice) to you. Win-win. This can also be used for charity!

Our process is simple, transparent and fast: once we know which devices you want to trade in, we evaluate the condition of the devices based on factors such as make, model, technical and cosmetic condition. You usually receive the valuation the same day.

Maximize your residual value now!

Don't wait, your used devices are becoming worth less every day. get in touch with us personally for an honest & fast valuation.

What is your residual value?

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Why Circlewise

- 15+ years of experience in IT & Lifecycle concepts.

- A fair residual value for used products.

- We encourage Circular IT within B2B.

- Certified data disposal through ADISA certification.

- 1000+ valuations

Trade-in Portal

Our portal will help you through our trade-in process in a few steps.

Upload an xls file, CMDB file and/or photo with used equipment (make, model and number) and receive the first valuation in your mail within 48 hours.

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contact for non-trade-in questions

Always free advice

Need help in creating a sustainable IT strategy or want to know the options for a first step right away?

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