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Social Return on Investment

Circlewise sees investing in people going hand in hand with social impact. Making a profit is not our only goal; we want to make a social and environmental impact as well.

SROI Explained

With SROI, social and environmental performance become part of decision-making, prioritizing sustainability and inclusiveness.

The goal of Social Return on Investment is to create more employment opportunities for people distanced from the labor market.

Organizations that include SROI in their application can use, for example, a building block model.

Circlewise and SROI

Our business is not just about making a profit, it's about the change we make in people's lives and in the communities in which we operate.

Our services are ideally suited to meet these needs.

Our services around reuse of IT devices, are run by a super fun diverse and inclusive team.

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Just you!

At Circlewise, we understand that finding work isn't always easy, especially if you've faced obstacles in your path.

But we are here to support you and build a better future together.

We provide not only employment opportunities, but also a stimulating and supportive environment in which you can grow and prosper.

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Explanation of our SROI blocks.

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