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Times are changing. Not very long ago, "revamping your IT environment" meant buying completely new equipment; today, you can even purchase used and remanufactured devices in an As-a-Service mode.

Monthly subscription

The monthly chargeable remanufactured devices perform at least as good as new thanks to the 5+ hour test and repair process, while costing 30% less.


In addition to cost reduction and an interesting price/quality ratio, the use of used devices also contributes to achieving sustainability goals.

We must find a solution for the large and still growing mountain of E-waste that includes laptops, monitors, tablets and mobile devices.

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Co2 reduction

When deploying remanufactured products, we calculate the CO2 reduction per laptop so that it can be used in ESG reports.

In our Remanufactured DAAS solutions for remanufactured devices, in addition to the CO2 reduction for the device, we also calculate the CO2 reduction for delivery, exchange and collection at the end of the contract.

HP, Lenovo and Dell

All remanufactured devices are Dell, Lenovo or HP brands.

We offer the most common models but can also bring your used devices back to new.

To portfolio

24-60 months

Current contracts run for 24 or 36 months. At the end of that contract you will receive a residual value from us that you can use for reinvestment.

The 60-month model gives you 5 years of optimal performing devices, where we take into account 1 x model refresh during the 60-month term.

3-year warranty

After reading all the remanufactured benefits, do you still buy extra security?

Circlewise offers up to 3 years warranty on all models. If defective, we will exchange the device within 24 hours.

seeing and using is believing

Request a demo model

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