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Toward sustainable and circular IT

Manufacturing laptops and cell phones consumes a lot of natural resources and creates a lot of Co2 emissions. You want to do something about that but how?

Start with the basics and give your used equipment a 2nd life.

Then boost your sustainable IT strategy and subscribe to sustainable remanufactured laptops. Circlewise takes you on a journey towards sustainable IT, device by device.


Our portal will help you through our trade-in process in just a few steps.

Upload an XLS statement, CMDB file or photo with used equipment and receive an initial valuation within 48 hours.


Onsite or in our Value Lab, we assess the cosmetic and technical condition of your used equipment.

All date is first removed before we start our testing process.

Value optimization

Through our network of European partners and portals, we optimize the sale of your used devices.

By finding the optimal mix, you get the highest value.


Our portfolio of remanufactured laptops from HP, Lenovo or Dell contribute to your sustainability goals.

Remanufactured laptops perform as well as new, at a lower price.

As a service

Device lifecycle services (deployment, support and intake) fully outsourced at a fixed price per month.

100% warranty and 24-hour exchange service throughout contract term.


Want to start with a sustainable
IT strategy but don't know where to start?

Our specialists and consultant are happy to share their knowledge and expertise on lifecycle management.

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Need help in creating a sustainable IT strategy or want to know the options for a first step right away?

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