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Circlewise does not buy your used equipment, as we are not dealers.
We work for you to create the highest possible value for your cell phones, tablets and laptops. That value is for you and you alone.

30% more value through transparent process

We believe in more residual value for our customers. That's why we don't buy up your used equipment, only to resell it quickly afterwards.

We provide services such as data removal and grading and optimize the sales price through our international points of sale.

For the services we charge a fixed fee per device and a percentage of the realized sales price.

Our transparent process generates an average of 30% more revenue for our clients.

User-friendly Trade-in Portal

Trade-in of used equipment is still a difficult and non-transparent process. Where do you trade in, how much money does it bring in and what is the process of collection and processing?

The Circlewise Trade-in portal simplifies this process and provides 24-hour access to the status of your trade-in process.

Clients are given access to this portal and can easily indicate which used equipment they want to trade in. Circlewise then indicates what value we think we can realize.


Through our network of European partners and we optimize the sale of your used laptops, tablets and cell phones. All data is of course removed from these devices.

By finding the optimal mix, you get the highest value. Circlewise will do everything possible to get the sales price as high as possible, because that way we also receive the highest commission.

Our final report clearly shows which devices were sold for what amount and through which channel.

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Because we work differently than most brokers in this world, we are happy to explain our transparent process to you in person. Let us call you back!

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