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From sustainable to circular IT

Our founders, shareholders, specialists and partners are highly experienced in the world of lifecycle management and As-a-service business models. They can help you establish a more sustainable or even fully circular IT strategy.

Sustainable IT strategy

More and more organizations are thinking about making their IT environment more sustainable. That's great because everything starts with awareness that we need to reduce the huge mountain of E-waste.

But where do you start? Refurbished phones or laptops? There are many ways to achieve a more sustainable IT environment.

We have already made many mistakes and are happy to share those mistakes with you. Together we will create one plan for a secure, high-performing and sustainable IT environment.


The world in general, and IT in particular, is changing from possession to use. That can be an advantage from a sustainability standpoint.

Anything you don't own, you no longer throw away but give back. Many as-a-service models already include the residual value of IT equipment. That means your used devices often get a 2nd or even 3rd life.

To do this, you need to establish a clear process for return and data disposal. We help you move from ownership to use of your IT environment.

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Lifecycle Management

When you've been extending the life of cell phones, tablets and laptops for clients for years, it's not much of a stretch to say that you know quite a bit about it.

Our specialists and consultants all have years of experience in the world of device lifecycle management, refurbishing, re-use, repair and recycling.

Together, we set up Circlewise with the mission of contributing to the reduction of the world's huge mountain of E-waste. Their knowledge will help you move faster toward a more sustainable IT environment.

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A good conversation about opportunities to make your IT environment more sustainable and perhaps even 100% circular? A good conversation for costs nothing and is often very informative and fun.

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