About circlewise

Our mission

We believe that full transparency and a fair price for used products are going to accelerate the demand and use of circular IT equipment. In doing so, together we will build a better future for the next generation.

Encouraging circular IT

Our goal is to rapidly increase the trade-in of the number of used devices so they can be used for a 2nd or 3rd life.

Circlewise creates the highest value in the market, ensures that your company can report in accordance with EU laws and regulations, and works with you on a circular IT strategy.

Making trade-ins easier

Creating for our customers the highest value for used devices during the journey to sustainable and circular IT longevity. Sounds simple and not very innovative.

But trading in large quantities of used devices in the B2B sector is a bit more complex and will you get the right price?

Our goal is to develop a transparent and user-friendly ecosystem for trading in and selling used IT devices by using digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Virual Reality.

Circlewise has trade-in programs for companies and organizations across Europe.

Value creation as a business model

We are not brokers, we make one of you! We collect used devices, remove data, assess technical and cosmetic quality and sell them for the highest price in Europe.

You pay only for our services and a percentage of the sales price. That way we create the highest value together.

Circlewise: value creators for used devices.

Circlewise: data disposal according to EU regulations.

Circlewise: your first step towards a sustainable and circular IT strategy.

We like to share knowledge

Always free advice

For questions surrounding safe disposal of used IT equipment, please feel free to contact one of our lifecycle specialists.

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