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You are responsible for your company's sustainability goals and strategy. Then, for your ESG report, you will want to report on progress by discipline or department. The life cycle of IT infrastructure and devices is an important part of that, and so you need a strong trusted partner to work with you on a sustainable and circular IT strategy.

ESG Reporting made easy

Working with Circlewise means certified and professional reporting on the process of data removal and destruction of your used devices.

Our process is transparent and our (online) tooling makes it easy for you to obtain all the necessary information.

Certificates proving that your data has been professionally removed are available 24×7 via our digital platforms or can be securely transmitted.

More than 15 years of experience

We have over 15 years of experience in data removal and assessment of used devices.

Today we are taking this to the next level with Artificial Intelligenge (AI) applications and digital user-friendly portals and technologies.

For our customers, this brings more efficiency and transparency to the entire process. That way you are always GDPR proof and sustainable.

Certified data deletion

You think your data is completely deleted when you go terg to factory settings. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To delete your business and privacy sensitive information, we use software certified by ADISA. This institute focuses specifically on standards for secure and reliable data removal from IT equipment.

We like to share knowledge

Always free advice

For questions surrounding safe disposal of used IT equipment, please feel free to contact one of our lifecycle specialists.