ITAD, an important step in responsible ICT management

In information technology, it is necessary to look forward to the latest technological developments, but also to look backward to the safe disposal of obsolete or used IT equipment. IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) plays a central role in this process. But what exactly is the meaning of ITAD, why is it important, and how can you as an IT manager ensure that the disposal of IT equipment is in line with all legal requirements and environmental standards?

Safe disposal of data
ITAD is all about the responsible disposal of IT equipment. One of the most critical aspects is the safe disposal of data. It is not enough to simply click 'delete'; a thorough approach is needed to prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.

Environmental awareness
‍In addition,
the environmental aspect is extremely important. The growing amount of electronic waste has a significant impact on the environment. A thoughtful ITAD strategy contributes to a more sustainable approach to electronic waste and recycling.

Legislation and ITAD

Is ITAD mandatory?
ITAD is not mandatory per se in many countries, there are often legal rules and regulations regulating the proper disposal of IT equipment. Failure to comply with these rules can result in fines and legal prosecution.

the Netherlands, there are specific rules aimed at protecting confidential information and promoting environmentally conscious practices. Non-compliance can result in heavy fines and criminal prosecution.

Legislative aspects

AVG and Data sanitization
General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) sets requirements for how personal data is handled. When disposing, you must comply with both the AVG and the concrete implementation of data sanitization.

WEEE Directiveand Sustainability
WEEE Directive regulates the responsible disposal of electronic waste. Compliance with this directive helps reduce the impact of electronic waste on the environment.

ITAD Strategy

A well-organized ITAD strategy is key to complying with laws and regulations and reducing risks of fines and reputational damage. Here are our six steps for an effective ITAD approach:

1. IT hardware inventory:
We begin with a thorough inventory of your current (economically) depreciated IT equipment. This lays the foundation for our ITAD plan. The Circlewise Trade-in portal simplifies this process and provides 24-hour access to the status of your trade-in process. As a customer you get direct access to this portal and in it you can easily indicate which used equipment you want to trade in. Circlewise then indicates what value could be realized.
2. Safe Transport:
Your IT equipment is transported safely and responsibly to our Value Labs, where we start the further process.
3. Data Removal:
We ensure complete and safe removal of all data on your equipment, in accordance with applicable standards. For the removal of your business and privacy sensitive information, we use software certified by ADISA. This institute focuses specifically on standards for safe and reliable data disposal of IT equipment.
4. Refurbishing or Recycling:
Depending on the condition of your equipment, we choose refurbishing and remanufacturing for reuse or recycling for maximum value retention. Is reuse no longer possible? Then we provide recycling that meets legal requirements with partners that are Weelabex and CA+ certified.
5. Reporting:
After each step, you will receive detailed reporting. Our process is transparent and our (online) tooling makes it easy for you to obtain all the necessary information. Certificates proving that your data has been professionally disposed of are available 24×7 in our portal or can be securely transmitted.
6. Sale and Residual Value:
As a final step, we take care of the sale of reusable equipment and maximize your residual value. Through our network of European partners and we optimize the sale of your used laptops, tablets and cell phones. By finding the optimal mix and often delivering directly to end-users, you will receive the highest value.
Circlewise will do everything possible to get the sales price as high as possible, because we receive the highest commission ourselves!

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  • Efficiency and transparency throughout the ITAD process.
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